Saturday, April 11, 2015

Alenka's Birthday Butterfly Blog Hop

A Return to my Earring-Making Roots

When Alenka, of Pepita's Handmade suggested a Butterfly Blog-hop, in honor of her birthday, I hopped right on. I seem to need a challenge every once in a while to get my creative juices going.

And I knew I wanted to to make these simple but effective earrings. I have made this basic design before, and I always sold anything I didn't hoard for my self.

So here we are. So simple, fairly easy, but so pretty and spring-like. I started with making a little "body" for my craft-store purchased butterfly links. Hanging a coordinating bead dangle gives them a little swing. 

Peach and light green seed beads, with sweet matching green  dangles. 

Perching green butterflies on a "leaf."

Butterflies look pretty in pink. 

Purple-y  body colors are set off by amethyst glass drops that change color depending on the light.

I loved digging through my stash for the beads used in this project. I hope the other participants did too!

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