Saturday, September 27, 2014

Focus on Life:Simplicity - Hands

I win, Hands down!

Here I am at the computer for the first time in a few days, happy to feel the motivation to post this. A little later than I usually do a Focus on Life... but I'm here. 

So our prompt was "hands" which was great, since I was suffering from a fever, and was feeling so bad I couldn't go out and find a photo to feature here. But my hand you get to see. 

Hope you can tell I am feeling better. Not 100% yet, but good enough for this. 

Can't wait to see what other people hand us!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Focus on Life: Simplicity - One

When one is the essence of simplicity.

The Focus on Life monthly theme of "Simplicity" is carried on by this week's prompt "One." 

Of course, while I like the idea of using a picture of one of something...I couldn't seem to choose only one picture, so here are my three choices. 

The tree is growing out of the chimney of one of the old factory buildings featured here last week. That makes it one thing, right?

One tree coming out of one chimney

Queen Ann's Lace. One blossom. Or... well, this close up, it certainly looks like the compound flower it is!

One Queen Ann's Lace...or is it? 

One pontoon boat sitting in a field. 

One boat. Looking a bit lost. 

Let's see what others have found.

Sunday, September 14, 2014


One fabulous pendant and a Do-over challenge. 

This first piece is  pendant necklace special ordered by a customer at a craft show, who wanted something to go with a new pair of hand crafted earrings she had bought elsewhere. 

This is what I came up with. 

Final piece
Full necklace before
adding the Hope charm

Closeup of original pendant

My customer thought it looked great, save for one little thing. "In a perfect world," it would include the word "hope," somewhere. 

I got in touch with Amanda from RococoRiche, and she made the lovely little charm you see in the first picture. I think it turned out to be a great addition. 

As for the Do-over, Jeannie Dukic is having her Eighth Do-over Challenge. She sends the participants a piece of jewelry she made years ago, and we play with the components to see if we can make something more pleasing. 

 This bracelet is my challenge for this round. Tiny beads and these cute pink buttons. October 18th, a completely new piece will debut here!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Focus on Life: Simplicity - Windows

Memorable Windows of Middletown.

This week's Focus on Life prompt is "Windows," to go with our September theme of "Simplicity." Last week, I managed to present only one door for the prompt "Doors" so I went a little crazy this week. 

I went down to the site of my mother's first job in the upstate New York area she moved to with my father in the early nineteen fifties. She was a clerical worker for Clemson Brothers, manufacturer of the Star hacksaw blade, and Clemson push lawnmowers. 

Since the manufacturing complex dates from the 1860s, there were plenty of windows to provide light for the workers. 

Clemson Brothers Main Entrance

Closeup of second floor windows

Closeup of first floor windows

Not sure if this is the building where the hack saws were made,
 but it makes sense!

Entrance end of the "star" building - now a fish store.

Part of the Victor Saw Works.
 Note the high windows to catch the light. 

Nature does start taking over at last....

I got some more great pictures while in this area, which is mostly a place for commuters to park their cars now. The big buildings shelter some small warehouse and storage operations, and the area welcomes a farmer's market on the weekends. A fish store and the local railroad historical society are located there too.  

What other windows did our friends discover? 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Focus on Life: Simplicity - A Door

Looking for the right door....

September starts a new month, and our Focus on Life theme is "Simplicity". Today's prompt "A Door."

One of the old farmhouses in our area. 
I'm doubtful that this is the original entrance to the house, they seem to be one of the first things to be modernized on these old houses. I like the way it's framed by the golden rod.