Friday, September 19, 2014

Focus on Life: Simplicity - One

When one is the essence of simplicity.

The Focus on Life monthly theme of "Simplicity" is carried on by this week's prompt "One." 

Of course, while I like the idea of using a picture of one of something...I couldn't seem to choose only one picture, so here are my three choices. 

The tree is growing out of the chimney of one of the old factory buildings featured here last week. That makes it one thing, right?

One tree coming out of one chimney

Queen Ann's Lace. One blossom. Or... well, this close up, it certainly looks like the compound flower it is!

One Queen Ann's Lace...or is it? 

One pontoon boat sitting in a field. 

One boat. Looking a bit lost. 

Let's see what others have found.


  1. Great photos! Abandoned boats always look so sad...

  2. Love the serendipity of your photos this week. The pontoon boat sitting in the field is a real brain teaser. and what a lovely bloom of the Queen Anne's lace. Looks like you had some interesting outings this week.

  3. Beti!! I am feeling very in tune with you this week. I also couldn't pick just one photo this week. Also was walking my dog the other day and came across a Queen Anne's lace looking very much the same!! In all my years I never saw that before!!
    I think all your subjects are just perfect for this week's prompt. What a nifty branch too!!

  4. Great photos. I had several to choose from and it was difficult. But I finally found the One.

  5. All three are very worthy for this week's prompt, that's for sure! Just look at that tree growing out the chimney, would you - how wild is that?!!

  6. Three great shots! I love the tree coming out the chimney, nature always finds a way to grow back.