Sunday, August 21, 2016

A Farm in Decline: Part 2

Tracing the fall of the barn.

My last post was Part 1of the story of a nearby farm. I liked to take pictures of the barns and other buildings in different seasons, different weather, and different light. In the course of 5 years, it went from a struggling business, to a source of barn siding. Read a little more here

As I noticed the buildings falling, I actually thought of people I know who use barn wood for cabinetry and crafts, and wondered if someone would harvest the wood. One day, I noticed the process had started. 

Caution tape warned of work in  progress
Heavy equipment was on site, but you could see that the wood was removed to spare it much damage. 

Work in progress.

Down to the foundation where it had already collapsed. You can tell that the structure had been added to over time, judging
from the construction materials. 

The skeleton remains.

A few weeks later there was very little remaining. 

Silos always seem to be left behind.

Stones and blocks.

Wildflowers taking over.

A nice homey perch.....

High on the side of one of the remaining silos.

Farm house 2016

The barns are gone, but the farm remains. 

A Farm in Decline: Part 1

Tracing a nearby farm over five years.

This is a blog I have been wanting to write for a few months now. Wanting and dreading. Because purely by chance, it chronicles the decline of what was a working farm, years ago when I was a child, to the current situation:  farm house for sale, the barn and outbuilding gone, the greenhouses wire hoops in the back lot, the silos lonely against the sky. 

I started taking pictures of the buildings in 2011, when I got my new camera. I would walk the dog past the farm, and snap a few pics for this blog, or just because I liked the way the silos looked against the sky. At that time, the owners grew and sold plants and shrubs, grown in the greenhouses out back. At various times they sold cut flowers, pumpkins, did the hayride and bounce house thing, sold art, and way back, this was a dairy farm. 

I can't give you the entire history of the place, but I can share with you my appreciation and sadness as the old place has at last settled into being just a country house. It is for sale, and I hope someone buys it and lives there for a few more generations. 

A nice black and white shot of the barn, one of my first.  

People still lived here. You can just see the date 1770 over the door. 

Another older picture of the barn

Another view of the barn. Early 2015.
Love this sign. It was used when the farm was open for business selling plants.

I think it was after the place was put up for sale that the barn really started to cave in. 

You can see the main portion leaning in on the back. 

One of the greenhouses, with only the front plastic remaining.

From the time they had a butterfly themed nursery business. 

Beautiful wood barn siding.
It's been a week since I started this blog post, and I think it wants to be two posts. Part two, here

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Hopping on a Sunny Day

Transferring Sunlight to Jewelry.

Another Pine Ridge Treasures blog hop is here! The participants ordered a surprise package of beads and coordinating metal pieces from Lisa Lodge, which portray the theme of "A Sunny Day." I actually managed to grab a pretty nice picture of the package contents when they arrived. 

Pretty nice, huh?

My first creation was this:

It's a sun. Or a flower. A pendant. Or a suncatcher. Look at the pretty green wire! I like it, but can't really figure out what to do with it. I'll put it aside, and think about it. 

Yellow earrings with green wire. 
These earrings came next. I again used the green wire, with the pretty yellow drops, and some flower shaped spacers from my stash. 

When I next picked up the beads, I started to understand that a lot of my sunny days were appreciated by looking at sunlight through the foliage that surrounds our home in the country. 

Sun filtered through the leaves. 

And the tiny little iridescent green beads in my kit really mimicked that sunshine-through-the-leaves effect.  I set to work designing a necklace with the delicate green pendant I made from some of the faux beach glass included. And those little green sunshine beads. 

Looks like a Sunny Day to me!

I strung the beads, then attached chain to the ends for an adjustable fit. A little butterfly charm finishes the clasp. 

Some earrings to go with the theme. 

First, a little beachy look, with seahorse charms, and wire that coordinates with the pretty blue beads. 

The seahorses aren't shown to their best advantage, but you get the idea. 
 These are meant to coordinate with the necklace, but look great on their own. 
More glass and little flower connectors. 
 The sun-through leaves theme again. Also meant to coordinate with the necklace. 
See how the little green beads catch the light? 

Thank you Lisa for hosting this Hop. Can't wait to see others' take on the Sunny Day!

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Gardener's Folly

A series of experiments. 

My garden this year is a series of experiments. 

July 2015
July 2015
Last year's project was 100% grown in pots and other containers, using fencing and wire plant stands for trellises. Everything was collected around a small temporary green house than was very effective for starting seeds, and protecting small plants from the frost. 
Early garden, 2015

This year I decided to recycle some of my potting soil, a small amount of compost, and some of my containers, to make a garden where some plants were in the ground, and some in pots and containers. I did minimal digging, trying a no-dig technique. And I did find myself buying at least 8 bags of potting and garden soil. 

Never did get the plastic on the greenhouse frame. Now it's a trellis.


Somewhere under the leaves is a developing Kohlrabi bulb.
So this year's garden includes tomatoes growing in the ground, and peppers, cucumbers and a couple of other things that are in bags of soil. 

The pumpkin I put in the compost is growing beautifully, using the greenhouse frame as a trellis. 

More pumpkin vine, and some herbs just spouting.

Most of the garden.

As usual, I can't wait to harvest something, all we have had so far are fresh herbs...on just about everything. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

No Hop No Challenge

Just posting for the fun of it. 

I tend to post here only when I am participating in a blog hop, a photo challenge, or some kind of online event. But really, I love to share photos and news, so why not do so here! 

Earlier today, Jim and I sent Sara, our daughter off on the train bound for Vermont.  She is participating in a summer event at the Center For Cartoon Studies, where she goes to school. She will be a teaching assistant at their summer classes, and fulfill her internship requirement.  

Traffic being what it was on July 2nd, we took the scenic route back home. 
From the car window. 

Taking Route 9W toward Newburgh, NY, we stopped at a park next to the Hudson River, at Plum Point. 

Someone playing the guitar on a park bench, valiantly fighting off the marauding butterflies. 

The Hudson River. 
Jim scoping out fishing spots.

What Are These? They are about the size of a quarter, and pointed.
And, Home again, with out new kitten, Spot. 

Sweet baby boy.
Nice day, all told!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Pine Ridge Treasures: Black and White Blog Hop

Adventures in Monochrome

Lisa Lodge, of Pine Ridge Treasures is hosting another blog hop, this one has a black and white theme. 

As usual, the participants received a selection of beads and other items, like findings and charms, to spark our creativity. 

My set contained light blue and white glass pearls, black teardrop beads, and an assortment of other goodies. I did not take a picture of the beads because I lost my head when I saw these components, and immediately made these earrings. 

The square ceramic dangles, and the snowflake obsidian cube beads were just perfect for this pair of earrings. 

I let everything sit for a while, and during that time I acquired some things at a bead show. A little bag of pewter ovals lead to my quickly assembling this necklace, and then some matching earrings, too. 

This is a pretty long necklace, but it is light and comfortable to wear, perfect for summer. You can get some idea of the length, here:

It's about 18 inches from the charms at the bottom, to the over-sized clasp and its little charm. I just love the look of the stone, metal and the little silver key. And the oval links are just perfect with the components of the kit. Some gunmetal colored chain carries the black and white theme to the body of the necklace. I love the way all the little charms I created from the components compliment each other. 

Of course I had to make some extra earrings, and use the blue pearls. 

I was surprised at my own ability to use this limited palette to create pieces that were such fun to wear. I know, because I've worn them.

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