Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pine Ridge Treasures - Pearls, Fabulous Pearls

Elegance in Lilac and Gray

Blog Hops are not as numerous as they used to be among jewelry artists, but I still love them.We all get so busy, but sometimes we need to stop and concentrate on one item, or group of items. My latest Blog Hop is again sponsored by Lisa Lodge of Pine Ridge Treasures. And it's all about pearls. I chose a set featuring the color lilac. 

That's not even all of them... it's what is left over after I made my jewelry! I know. That's a lot of leftovers! 
 And here, without further ado, are my designs. 
Long necklace, pearls and crystals.

Pretty clasp on the necklace.

My favorites, bracelet and earrings.
I used a few things from my stash on these, but they were mainly spacers and seed beads used as spacers, and I think they worked really well. Oh, and the little pewter shells. Pearls and shells, right? Okay, they are not oyster shells, but they are super sweet, don't you think? And I alternated backs and fronts of the shells, so no matter how you put on the bracelet, it will always be "right." The earrings are simple, but echo both of the other pieces nicely. 

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  1. Beautiful..reminds me of jewelry from the Victorian era!

  2. we had the same kit. I love your addition of the shell charms.

  3. The shells are perfect with the pearls! Love your pieces.

  4. Great job, Beti - I just love that bracelet and earring combo! The alternating shells was a great idea. I also like those barrel looking spacers. The necklace has an elegant feel to it. All around its a good look! Thanks for being in the hop.

  5. Wow you got lots of beads. Great color choice. I think the shells were a great idea!

  6. Very pretty pieces. I really love the bracelet and how the pearls are in the shells. So cute! And fabulous idea to have them every other way so it's always "right". I LOVE that.

  7. Love your pieces and I especially adore the bracelet. Those little shells so cute.

  8. I like it Beti. Great use of beads.

  9. oooh! Beti! These are so pretty! I love all the pieces, but the bracelet is fantastic. I love the way you added those pearls to the clam charms. Awesome!