Sunday, June 24, 2012

What Have I Been Doing Lately?

What indeed.
I was excited about joining the Bead Soup Blog Party sponsored by the talented and hard-working Lori Anderson. I started my work week at my "day job." Monday wasn't my greatest day, but I got through it. Tuesday was going all right, until I got a call from my husband. From Urgent Care. He might not be able to give our daughter a ride to work at four o'clock, because they could not get his nose bleed to stop.

Wait. What?

It was 11:15. Surely they would let him go home by then! But I said I would be on call. The next I knew he had to go to the "OR" as in hospital under general anesthesia. I went to bring Sara to work, then meet him there.

Only, oops, I just missed him, he is in the OR. OR? for a nose bleed? He'll be out soon, though, and then I can drive him home.

Except no, that procedure did not work, we have to do something else. And he's still under general anesthesia. What, wait. You are having me sign a consent form? For this thing they have to do to stop a nose bleed. And he's already had platelets and a unit of whole blood?

It started Tuesday but was not over until Friday when he left the hospital. Beware of blood thinners. They can turn something as simple as a nose bleed into a life-threatening event. But that is over now. I can resume my normal life, without having to sit in the hospital and wonder just what is going on!

To celebrate, Friday I joined Glass Addictions Beady Blog Pajama Party.  Lots of fun and some amazing beads. I won an auction for an amazing focal that our host Jenny didn't think came out well! I do!

Now, I just joined the Thrift Store Blog Hop This week has to be better than the last!

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  1. Oh that doesnt sound like fun at all..poor guy! So glad thats behind you all and you are back to the bead world! I have to look into that pajama to do stuff in the jammies! Love the bead...lucky!!