Sunday, July 15, 2012

Catching up - part 2!

Trashy Treasures

Saturdays around my house are often reserved for yard sales and Farmer's Market runs. Since the fridge was a bit full of last week's fruits and veggies, we skipped the Farmer's Market and headed straight for our list of yard sales. Jim usually writes up a list of the most likely looking ones from the local paper, maybe a few from Craig's List (not too fruitful in our area) and off we go. Didn't find much at first and then, Jackpot!! Here's the bag I found at an estate sale among collectible knives and dental kilns.

This is one fine find, and at $5.00, the sale manager may not have been kidding when he said the tag should have said $50.00. The clasp is Catalin, more commonly identified as Bakelite (chemically they are the same plastic.) It has a warm, amber-like quality to it, and I am very pleased. The brown leather has seen better days, but hey, it's older than I am. I think I am going store some of my vintage jewelry in it.

A while later, this popped up.

The color spoke to me. I am more of a green freak these days than I have ever been. And then, there's the lining!
Made up for not going to the farmer's market. I've got my watermelon right here! I'm not much for brand names, but this is an Anne Klein leather bag. Now the question is will I actually use it?

Hope everyone had a "fruitful" weekend!

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