Sunday, February 17, 2013

Exploring a New Medium

Beginning a Journey in Watercolor

A few weeks ago, I posted a painting that I made in response to the photo challenge, Focus on Life: Create Art.

I knew I wanted to portray a sunrise in watercolor. I wanted a certain transparency, luminosity. Pretty big words for someone who has not tried to capture anything in watercolor paint in at least thirty years! The only classes I have taken were many years ago, and were more focused on stage renderings than landscape painting.   

This past summer, though, I learned a painting technique called Thick Painting on Glass, from a talented decorative painter named Sandy. I think it whetted my appetite for painting. 

I've also been doing a bit of painting on metal jewelry components with specially made inks. 

But painting on paper is different. And watercolor offers so many effects based on the amount of water used, thickness of paint, paper texture, brush used, and on and on. So many things to explore. So I am starting a journey to explore watercolor technique, and maybe even see how it effects my jewelry making. I will be joining with others, following the lessons at Studio Waterstone, Watercolor Painting 101, with Lori Plyler. If you have a hankering to paint, why not join us? 

Here is my contribution to Lessons 1&2.  
My art table
Color wheel with some brush stroke explorations.

Thanks for stopping by. If you decide to join us in our lessons, please leave a comment below. (Or just leave a comment, I'd love to hear from you!)


  1. What a fantastic job, Beti! I'm so happy that you're following along and please feel free to ask if you'd like to learn something specific.
    Can't wait to see how you progress.

  2. Ok, this is the third time this morning I have seen mention of the watercolor class with Lori, so it MUST be a sign! I guess when I go out Wed for my weekly shopping I will get some paper brushes and I guess this will be interesting to see how we do. I took ONE oil painting class from a Bob Ross teacher. Didn't do to bad, I will have to post it. BUT that is much different than working on my own....I think taking this class and doodling will help inspire me in my jewelry making....count me in guys!