Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Watercolor Again

Really liking exploring a new medium. 

I've used water color paint before, of course, but never in a really organized way (if you can call what I have been doing lately organized...) I have been following along with Watercolor 101 on Lori Plyler's blog, Studio Waterstone. The latest lessons have been  focused on using an enhanced wash as background to inked drawings. 

Here are the two washes I prepared. Lori had us do a flat wash, then drip water and colors onto the surface to see the backwash and blending that took place. Just to be difficult, er different, I started with a red wash. Then, when that did come out quite the way I expected, I used blue as Lori had!

Our next assignment was to draw flowers in ink on the washed and blended background. I started with the blue one - the one I did "correctly."

Okay, maybe not exactly according to directions, but close. I loved some of the colors on the enhanced wash too much to cover them with another layer of paint.

Next up, the red wash. I disregarded most of the directions, and had some fun. 

Can't wait until the next assignment!


  1. Hi Beti, Great job! I like them both very much. I think it was good to try a different color, as now we can see what kind of effect it has.

    My watercolor wash is right in front of me. I need to post it soon!

    Happy painting - Debi

    1. Thanks, Debi! Be sure to use Lori's new Link Tool to share easily!

  2. This is beautiful Beti! I'm so excited for you and think that you did a fantastic job. I've added a link up to each week so be sure to go back to the two that you've commented on with links and add your thumbnail. That way everyone can see. :)