Sunday, January 20, 2013

A little bit of life

[If you are looking for my Focus on Life post, it's here.]

My morning walk - with my pal.

In my last post I mentioned walking with Bebop, my dog, and today we did Grand Rounds, about a 3 mile loop, taking us over two bridges (one closed!) past several ponds, and up and down hills. 

Here's Bebop.

She was very busy. Did not want to pause for a photo op.

So here's a picture from this fall.

The floating head effect. I was photographing jewelry, and suddenly she showed up to check things out. 

And these are some of the things we saw. 
The bridge by our house

View of the Shawangunk Moutains
One of many ponds we passed

Bridge closed? Not to us!

View from one side of the closed bridge.

The other side of the bridge. Can you see the ducks? 
Oh, there they are!

So, that's how we spent our Sunday morning! Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. What beautiful pics and what a wonderful way to take time with your four legged friend.