Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring Fling Blog Hop

The Royal Purple Dragonfly Unveiled

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The Spring Fling Kit Challenge is co sponsored by Alenka from Pepita Handmade, and Amy from AmyBeads. Alenka made the amazing dragonfly focal, and Amy is responsible for the beads. And this is the big day! After receiving my kit from Amy, I thought about possible designs. Something simple, to feature the amazing focal. But I wanted to use as many of the amazing beads as possible.  I made the necklace first, but frankly, I was a little scared of making holes in the polymer clay focal. I'd worked with poly clay before, but never made holes after baking! But as you can see, it came out just fine. I have worn the necklace twice, and everyone at work admired it. Especially that fabulous focal!

Unfortunately, I was not able to find the right place for those "crackled" beads in the upper left of the picture. I'm anxious to find out how others used them! I wanted to see if I could make earrings from them, but several broke when I tried to put 20 gauge wire through them! Without futher ado, here is my simple but spectacular, Royal Purple Dragonfly Necklace. 

Almost all the beads, a few of my own,  and the spectacular focal, 

I drilled three holes at the  bottom, and added thee of the dark blue beads as dangles.

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  1. this is beautiful! i adore dragonflies and i love the colours you've chosen :)

  2. Hi Beti,
    The necklace you made is beautiful! Kudos to you for being brave enough to drill holes into the dragonfly focal piece.

  3. It' beautiful. I love the dangles.

  4. Beautiful, I never thought to drill holes but the dangles are a perfect addition.

  5. Often it is easier to drill holes in a cured polymer piece, you don't distort it, but there's not a second chance once the hole is made ;-).
    Your piece is just lovely and the dangles are a nice addition.

    1. Thanks for your support! I read up on drilling, and decided to take a chance! Just use a little hand drill, and it was super easy! I do like the way the holes came out , much more predictable than doing before baking!

  6. I thought about drilling holes but I wasn't brave enough. Love the idea of the dangles.

  7. I love how you drilled those holes to make this work for you! The dangling blue pearls are fantastic and I love how you showcased the pretty pendant! I had a hard time with the crackled beads too - but I'm not done yet! :)

    Great job and thank you for joining the challenge!

  8. That's awesome that you drilled holes in your pendant making it your own style! great necklace!

  9. How lovely! I love the way that used the beads, the way that you made a loop at the bottom of the necklace to draw attention to focal, the way that you drilled the focal to add dangles... I suppose it's safe to say that I just love it. Nicely done! :D

  10. I love how your necklace turned out. I was scared to drill holes for fear that I would break mine but you did great.