Friday, July 19, 2013

Focus on Life: Routine

Every day, I'm on my way.

When prompted by Sally Russick to take photos, and write about our routine, I knew I would end up using my morning walk with Bebop as my topic. What could be more routine than the morning dog walk?

I've posted lots of pictures taken while walking on my blog, but with these, you are going to have to appreciate the routine-ness.

Nothing particularly brilliant here. But a pleasant routine. 

                   Let's go, Mom! ----------- Already hot and hazy at 6AM ----------- Mmmm, something smells good!

Hey, let's go down there! -----------Somebody's been cooling off down here ------------Done here

Back up the hill ------------ Sun's climbing higher ---------- It's not totally rural here!

Hey, what's that? (it was a skunk, no harm) ----------Over the bridge again -----------Almost home!
Let's see what the others are doing: The Studio Sublime. 


  1. I like the posts where people are showing a series of shots, very cool!

  2. Looks like Bepop has some fun places to explore on your morning walk.

  3. It looks like a nice place to walk - lots of lush countryside and a lovely river to paddle in!

  4. :-) The morning (or in my case, son does the morning) dog walk was my alternative to the morning coffee. Our Libby looks quite like your Bebop!

  5. What a great way to get out and moving. Your buddy certainly likes the walk as much as you.

  6. He certainly takes you on interesting places. Admire you for doing two things at once, dog walking and taking great pics.

  7. Ugh! Skunk. PU
    Looks like BeBop loves his walk

  8. Sounds like a good way to start the day.

  9. Your walking route looks like a great way to start the day, especially with your canine buddy! We should all have things we enjoy as much as doggies like their walks!

  10. Cute. I feel like I'm seeing things from his viewpoint for sure. Makes it easier to get out and walk when you've got a pal.

  11. I was expecting more dog-walking pics this week, actually...
    they can't miss a day, can they? and everything is always soooo interesting! great photos!
    thanks for stopping by already and leaving a lovely comment :)
    have a great week!

  12. I think that's a lovely way to begin your day - outside walking and breathing deeply (except for the skunk!) Your photos are lovely.