Friday, July 12, 2013

Focus on: The Patterns Around Us....

Looking for something a little different. 

"an artistic, musical, literary or mechanical design or form." 

Sally Russick, in her photo prompt this week asks us to find "Pretty Patterns."  Hmmmm, Wanting to do something a little different this week, I used a picture of a very old rock wall near my home, presented with a little editing on PicMonkey. 

Rock Wall Unedited 

Rock Wall Cinerama

Rock Wall Dark Edges

Rock Wall,Cropped and Sharpened
Old time craftsmanship. These photos highlight a very practical, yet beautiful pattern, created of the components at hand, to suit the surroundings.

Kind of like jewelry design, the way I do it! 

To see what patterns other people have chosen, visit Sally's blog The Studio Sublime.


  1. My husband used to build rock walls in his (much) younger days. He claims he is going to build one for the pathway down to the basement.


  2. Lovely old wall and I like what you've done with it in PicMonkey - you've got some good effects there.

  3. Any way you look at it it is just gorgeous! I love seeing these handmade rock walls--a talent that seems to have gone by the wayside.

  4. Great subject for this weeks topic, and love how you were able to change to mood with each editing.

  5. I love rock walls, I especially like the 2nd photo

  6. I love this rock wall - so perfect for patterns this week! And, I like your editing too - it's so fun to do that, isn't it?!

  7. My husband started building a wall on our side of the creek got about 5 feet done and abandonned the rocks in the middle of the lower yard... humph... I like the one with the dark edges... suites the lovely rock wall!

  8. I love rock walls and yours is just perfect for this week!

  9. Great wall! To me it is relaxing. I remember when we were little...we used to drive from Fl to Ky to visit my grandparents and that was before the interstates and we would drive along the side of the mountains and see little places like this.

    Great pics!


  10. Great pattern, rock walls always catch my eye. Great job editing your photo.

  11. What's not to love about a rock wall!? Truly - rugged... yours has lovely plants... imagining snakes or lizards living within