Friday, March 21, 2014

Focus on Life : Checking Out - Expression!

Another trip to the Vault!

This week's focus on life prompt from Sally Russick was to check out "Expression." Just wasn't able to get out there with the camera this week, not even to focus on the dog or...squirrels or something. But I did think of some older shots of my kids. My son in April of 2013:

Waiting to leave for the airport.

Mugging for the camera. 

More mugging

You really going to sit here and wait with me the whole time?
Mike was on his way back to Join Base Lewis McChord in Washington that morning, and I was going uncharacteristically wild taking family pictures. The last three were taken at the airport, and we really did leave before Mike did. He always insists on getting to the airport super early. I got bored taking pictures of airplanes!

Here are some pictures of my daughter, in July of 2012:

Playing the "Claw Machine"

Ooops, she noticed I was taking pictures.

Just standing with her friends at the Lego store.

On Sara's 23 birthday, she and her friends invited my husband and me to accompany them to the bigger better mall about an hour from home. We had lunch, saw a movie (Brave) and had some nostalgic fun. Oh yeah, and they all bought themselves swords at the Lego Store. 

Let's see what other expressions people have found. 


  1. Our children sure know how to express themselves with a look! Great photos!

  2. Love, love, love the pictures! Very expressive indeed :-)

  3. I always go in toy stores when we're travelling.... When I post pictures of my son I get phone calls telling me to remove it or else! So I stuck to inanimate objects this week!

  4. How fun to see the different expressions. How happy they look.

  5. Great expressions and great memories too.

  6. Beautiful children!! I love that one of your daughter looking surprised that you used for your thumbnail!!!

  7. Super shots!! Especially the one of your daughter when she notices you w/the camera! LOL!! Love that one!

  8. Great expressive shots! Lots of happy memories!

  9. Your daughter's face in your featured shot is just perfect for this week. It makes me chuckle every time I look at our LinkZ line-up.

  10. Great expressive shots of your son and daughter this week. My daughters always like to make funny faces at me when taking their pictures as I take so many.

  11. Lovely photos. No one likes to find out they are on the other side of a camera lens!