Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Got my soup, now time to get going!

I got my soup mix from Bev Breisinger.....

I vowed not to unwrap them until Bev got hers...except that I couldn't wait, so I ripped into the nicely wrapped package that she sent. Oooops! I jumped the gun and didn't take a picture! So I wrapped them up again, to show the cute packages and great quotes written on them. 

Bev sent one amazing focal that she made out of polymer clay, two coordinating polymer beads, and a charm made from another coordinating bead. Is that not bountiful?  There are lots of small beads and spacers, even some bead caps and other metal pieces. A key with a message, some ear wires, two clasps... wow!

 And can you see the theme in the colors of the focal and coordinating beads? Pittsburgh team colors. Not that I would have Known that if she hadn't told me... but cool nonetheless. I'm going to have loads of fun with this!

Thanks Bev!

Check out more of Bev's work at her blog Country Frog Creations.


  1. So cool and original! I am really curious to see the result in may!

  2. I love the yellow and black! Her beads are wonderful. Have fun!

  3. I love the colors! Can't wait to see what you do with them!

  4. I would never think of using these colours together, but these beads coordinate so well and it works. The focal is gorgeous. Lots of fun possibilities!!