Friday, July 18, 2014

Focus on Life: Let's Celebrate - Celebrate Sweetness!

Some Random Sweetness From My Day!

This week's Focus on Life prompt asks us to show some sweetness. I had already decided: NO MORE FOOD! So, I just kept my eye out for the sweetness around me. Here's what I found.

Sweet kitty Merry

Bebop says sweetly, "You gonna give me the cookie, or what?"

Wild Roses, so sweet!

Random yellow flower, pretty sweet. 

Let's see what others did with Sally Russick's  prompt.


  1. That is a great line-up of sweetness. I am a softie for kitties any day and Bee-Bop is a special pup. I confess I fell victim to the food theme.

  2. Ahh, such sweet fur-babies - always perfect for a photo :)

  3. My cats refused to pose! But there was no food on my blog... I rarely make desserts unless it's grape season... Cute pets, (typed pests but noticed it and fixed it) I noticed that the roses in the ditches are starting to bloom here, the smell so nice!

  4. Very sweet for sure, especially the dogs. Last fall we lost our Chocolate Lab. She was so sweet and I miss her.

  5. Beautiful animals! Those eyes will melt your heart!

  6. I wanted to take pictures of my cats, but they were not cooperative. Yours of your dog and cat are great.

  7. Most definitely some sweet shots!