Friday, July 11, 2014

Let's Celebrate! Celebrate the Season.

More Food. Summer's bounty!

Can you handle another week of food pics? This is the way I celebrate the season. Sally Russick sent us another celebration prompt for this week's inspiration. I found a way to get even fresher produce than the Farmer's Market ...because this is the farm where they are grown, and it's right down the road from where I work. 

Garlic scapes, shell peas, and green beans. and a peek at the lettuce

My friend Lynn and her daughter Tyler help out every Tuesday

Had to sneak in a picture of the summer bounty I have produced with the help of Heather Powers of Humble beads. I am taking her Art of Color Polymer Clay Bootcamp Class.

What other summer celebrations have we found?  


  1. I have several sets of HumbleBeads and I love them. My kitchen will soon look like your photo.Ugh

  2. Wish we had a farmers market close enough to go to here! Your beads are fall colours... fall is a four letter word at this season of the year! They are lovely anyway!

  3. Oh, those veggies look super! And your beads - wow - those are awesome. What a way to celebrate the season. :-)

  4. How lucky to be near a farm and get such fresh produce. And love what you are making in your class.

  5. Great shots of the farmers market! I enjoy the food pics! Love green beans!! I too find a beauty in vegetables! :-D
    The beads are fantastic! Great colors and flower patterns!

  6. How lucky you are to have a farmers' market so close. You can just see the goodness jumping off those veggies. Your polymer clay is beautiful. I bought a book and tools last year and have never got around to giving it a try. Think I will live vicariously through you!

  7. What great photos! I wish we had a farmers market or even a farm that sells veggies as our small grocery has next to nothing and what they do have is always close to being rotten.
    I love the beads you made. They are so colorful!!

  8. I LOVE the farmer's market and wanted to take photos this week, but wasn't able to make it there. There's just nothing better than the fresh produce in the summer. The beads are looking pretty awesome!