Friday, October 3, 2014

Focus on Life: Color - Color Photography

Sampling the colors of fall.

October is here! Hardly seems possible, but the trees are turning, and color rules the day. But before the obligatory leaf peeper shots (and they are magnificent) take a look at the cauliflower I got at the farmer's market.

Our theme for October is Color!  It's everywhere this week, but I was particularly impressed by the maples, and this wonderful vegetable!

Purple Cauliflower
It never looks better than this!

I love the leaves in mid-change!

Luminous color.

Outside the u-pick place, the apples aren't the only red around!

What other colors have our friends discovered?


  1. I just love purple caulis - I swear they taste better! And stunning autumn trees :)

  2. JUST BEAUTIFUL!!! I am loving the fall foliage this year!! And don't even get me started on purple cauliflower. I love all purple vegetables. And I love that they have a great antioxidant!!

  3. Oh, your tree pics are making me so anxious to get back to the midwest to visit family in a couple of weeks - can't wait to see leaves like this again. (don't get much of that here in the desert of AZ) and that cauliflower - wowsers - most beautiful color of purple indeed!! Love that.

  4. Lots of great color! I love the purple cauliflower.

  5. oh wow! I don't think I've ever seen purple cauliflower ... that's pretty darn cool!

  6. The color of this cauliflower is amazing! And your autumn tree pictures are just beautiful, I love that orange!

  7. Beti, you always find the coolest veggies to photograph. The purple cauliflower looks almost floral! And what spectacular foliage shots. Mine aren't nearly as vivid as what you were able to capture. Such a lovely gateway to winter.