Friday, October 24, 2014

Focus on Life: Color - My Favorite!

What IS my favorite Color? 

I have problems with any question that starts "What is your favorite ______?" So when Sally Russick prompted us to use our favorite colors to fulfill this week's Focus on Life challenge I said "But I don't have a favorite color!!!" 

And truthfully, I love lots of colors, and combinations of colors. So I decided to go with turquoise (or maybe it's aqua). I do love this color that also is the name of a gem stone that is not always the color we recognize as turquoise. I happen to gravitate to this color to wear, both in clothes and in jewelry. And I am perfectly okay with the fact that much of the jewelry made with stones colored turquoise is dyed. As long as it looks good, and the color does not fade, I'm good with it.   

Everywhere I look, there is a piece of my wardrobe, looking good in my favorite color. 

And on my crafting table....

Polymer clay, commercial plastic, and dyed howlite.

I love all colors, so I am excited to see what the other participants have chosen. Join me? 


  1. It's a beautiful colour, Beti. I tend to wear grey/black/navy, but I often accent with this colour in scarves/jewellery, especially to brighten a grey day when I'd love the sky to be this colour :)

  2. Lovely color, that's my favorite kind of blue.

  3. Beti - I almost picked turquoise so we are on the same wavelength. Love those earrings, BTW!