Friday, October 17, 2014

Focus on Life: Color - Twilight Time!

Looking around to find how colors change as the light fades. 

Our prompt this week for the October Color theme, is "The Color of Evening, or the Golden Hour."

I took a ride, going the "long way" to pick up my daughter from work. 

Here is what I found. 

What looks like a heavy industrial area is really just the roadside next to a transformer station. Interesting silhouette. 
I love the look of the evening sky on the still water of this pond.
A church in the fading light.

Detail of th light over the church door, the color boosted a bit in PicMonkey.

What have the others found while waiting for the light to fade? 


  1. What gorgeous photos! You've really captured the Golden Hour, Beti :)

  2. Wonderful photos. I like the second one with the soft edges and a little reflection in the water.

  3. Beautiful photos, I especially like the first one with the contrast between the industrial landscape and the soft color of the sky.

  4. Love the industrial area. You can almost hear the electricity crackling through the wires!

  5. Very cool....I love the church shots! Never thought of just driving along to see what I could see....Great job!