Friday, November 28, 2014

Focus on Life: Blissful!

White fluffy stuff, but not what you might expect....

As we celebrated thanksgiving this week, I thought about our Focus on Life theme for the week, which was Bliss. Some people must have been blissful over seeing this for the first time this year: 

We had about four inches of snow...nearby places got even more.

Snow for Thanksgiving? No thanks, if you get my drift!

I prefer another blissful drift:

Home made pumpkin pie with a drift of whipped cream.


What did our friends find blissful this week? 


  1. I'm with you, Beti! And that pumpkin bliss looks pretty darn good to me. We missed pumpkin pie this week but made up for it with some others. Hope you stay warm!

  2. We got the snow topped with ice... nothing blissful about snow now at all... Dreaming of spring already! Pie looks good.. I did make cookies this week for the first time in (40?) years!