Friday, November 21, 2014

Focus on Life: Hopeful

Tucking in for the winter

Our Focus on Life prompt for this week is the word Hopeful.

This always brings out the hidden farmer in me! 

My hope is that this lovely rosemary plant will survive the winter. I will be covering it with more leaves and pushing it farther into the corner. I have brought these plants into the house for the winter in other years, but they really dry up in the heated winter air. 

So for this little guy...I have hope! 

I wish I could have taken a better picture, but I snapped this with my phone this morning with not a lot of time, or light!


  1. I love rosemary - it transforms food with its taste and fires with its smell! Joining with you in hope this lil guy survives the winter :) x

  2. Plants are fickle they'll survive for years then suddenly disappear from the garden.... I haven't had much luck with herbs although rosemary might be prickly enough to keep the deer away but doubtful since the love my mugo pine! Good luck hope it survives for you !

  3. I hope your rosemary survives as well. I have always wanted to have pots of fresh herbs - but have never managed to get myself organized enough. I will just enjoy looking at photos of yours!