Friday, January 31, 2014

Focus on Life: Cabin Fever - Getting outside!

Revisiting the scene of childhood fun.

We are starting the second month of Sally Russick's Focus on Life 2014, with the theme: Cabin Fever. This week's prompt is Get Outside!

Many of us do indeed have Cabin Fever, which, for those who don't live in four season climates, or simply don't have cold weather, is that time when you are soooo fed up with sitting in the house and watching the snow pile up. You feel like busting out.

And our prompt invites us to do just that. 

But where I live, it was very cold for most of the week, but not particularly snowy. So the opportunities for idyllic country views were fairly few. And I was looking for a bit of action. 

Here are some views of winter fun at a local park where I used to bring my kids, before they started to bring themselves places!

First, I found a couple of teenagers practicing hockey moves.

Or just fooling around on the ice.

Maybe brother and sister.

Orange County New York Thomas Bull Park.
Friday evening tubing.

Down the hill.

Ready to hook up and ride back up to the top!

Again, if I had not been fighting against the clock, I would have tried to use my camera's options. But strangely enough, my camera worked better in the fading light when I used the automatic settings. 

Let's look at how others are getting on this winter:


  1. The tubing looks like it would be soooo much fun. At least it would have been in my younger days!

  2. Great action shots. I particularly like the 4th photo, the colours and the light in front of the building are very effective.

  3. The photos of the people sliding down the hill reminded me of the few years I lived in Connecticut. My daughter and I would grab the sled and head for the nearest hill. We had a blast, but the tubes look like even more fun.

  4. Great photos Beti. Tubing looks like fun. I would give it a try.

  5. Looks like a really fun place! Love the shot you got with the sun!

    1. I liked that shot too, Cindy. But it's a big spot light they use for the night tubing, not the sun, unfortunately!

  6. You're making snow and ice look like fun!! Love the pics - just super for this week's prompt.

  7. Looks like everyone was having a blast.

  8. Familiar winter sights bring back fond memories. Thank you.

  9. A great collection of photos - it all looks like great fun

  10. How fun are those colorful sledding photos! If I were 25 years younger I would be having a ball!

  11. The sledding and tubing looks fun, I haven't done that since childhood, great photos.

  12. That sledge run looks seriously fun!!
    Great photos, Beti!
    Love your profile pic, btw :)

  13. I do better with the auto setting on my camera in fading light too... think you have way more snow than us... recently we haven't been in the snow track! That looks like fun!

  14. Great photos that really capture fun winter recreation! I love that photo with the tubing hill and the lodge in the background! Gorgeous. They should buy that photo off you and use it in a marketing campaign reminding customers that they are open in the evening!

  15. Thanks for sharing your snowy outdoor adventures. I'd love to be sliding down that hill:-)

  16. Fun shots Beti! I love tubing and you've certainly captured the spirit of it! I especially love the bright pops of orange against the white snow in that second tubing photo.