Friday, June 6, 2014

Focus on Life: Finding the Fun in Photography: Silliness!

Finding Silliness in Everyday Life. 

A new month brings us a new Focus on Life Theme, "Finding the Fun in Photography." This week's prompt is "silliness." Thank you to Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime!

I love silliness, but there is not a lot of it happening around me at all times. Or at least not the amusing kind of silliness. 

What to do, what to do....

Well the animals are sometimes a good source of silliness:

Hey, where's the leaf?

I got the leaf!

Pippin the cat loves to hang out with Bebop the dog, but they have different ideas of fun. Note the look of boredom on Bebop's face. 

But this might be the height of silliness in my life:

"Thanks Mom for bringing the backpack."

My daughter left for AnimeNext - a convention to which she had a ride with friends. And forgot her backpack full of accessories and makeup for her cosplay costumes. Here she is, makeupless and grateful, after I drove them out to her. 

So who is the silly one? 

Oh well, she's still my baby....

(Note: I do not know what her character is, but that is a jellyfish on her head. )


  1. I'm loving this weeks prompt. Giggles galore!

  2. Though I love the puppy and kitty, I have to say your daughter takes the cake for silliness this week!

  3. I have never heard of AnimeNext but thanks to you, it looks like your daughter was ready for her close-up! And what perfect timing for this week's theme. I especially like the hat.

  4. My kids are into Anime......don't know which character, but I am sure she was happy you brought out the pack....and poor bebop....he is probably thinking...what I have to do to be loved around pics!

  5. These are great photos! LOL at the dog being bored. So cute!

  6. Bebop is very tolerant of kitty fun. Love the Anime costume. Your daughter looks like she's having fun.

  7. Love these photos! If only we could tell what Bebop is thinking! Your daughter is adorable in all her silliness!

  8. Cute photos of the dog and cat. But the photo of your daughter! How cute! And yes I would have driven her bag out too if it was my child. That's what moms do.

  9. Awesome shots!! I don't know who your daughter's dressed up as either, but what a hoot! I bet they had fun. And the pics of the Bebop and Pippin are adorable.