Friday, August 8, 2014

Focus on Life: Outside-Getting my Fresh Air

While Getting Some Fresh Air and Sunshine, I Try to Keep My Eyes Open

The Focus on Life theme for August is Outside, and this week we are encouraged to get some Fresh Air!

So here are some colorful sights I found while I was "taking the air."

This cardinal was pretty shy, I couldn't get too close. 

One of my favorites, wild chicory.

Blue herons hang out at our stream, waiting for fish.
Same bird, different pose. 

Another day,

A goldfinch, cooperating for once.

Another favorite, queen Ann's lace. 

Let's get some more FRESH AIR!


  1. I would probably get more fresh air if I saw those things everyday!

  2. What wonderful photos! There's something about herons... just love them :)

  3. Lovely pictures. the wild Chicory is such a pretty colour.. my goldfinches have all disappeared since the blue jays found their feeder!

  4. You got some great outside photos! LOVE the goldfinch. What a happy color of yellow amidst the purple blooms.

  5. What great photos! I love the colorful birds and flowers.

  6. Lovely shots! That little cardinal - how cute. And the goldfinch, too - so bright and beautiful. Great post!

  7. What great shots.....I wish I had our is just so hot right now in FL...I know I'm a wus....but it is still to! Though I can see the Cardinals, Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Finches and all the other birds through my window. I don't think the heat affects them....Thanks for posting....

  8. HAHAHA, need to read my post before posting....I meant I wish I had YOUR outside....