Friday, August 1, 2014

Focus on Life: Outside - Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box....Literally? Figuratively? 

August's Focus on life theme is "Outside." And this week's prompt is "Outside the Box." 

One of my least favorite Late 20th Century Catch Phrases. "Thinking Outside the Box." Usually meant that the supervisor could not think of a solution to your problem, and you were just going to have to "Think Outside the Box" to solve it. 

But in this context, it can mean...anything. I looked through some recent shots and came up with these. 

An actual box. These Bluebird Boxes contributed to the return of New York State's Official State Bird from near extinction. 

Plants growing in a creative place, the sawed-off
"stump" of a power pole. 

My favorite farm market was giving away potatoes. They happened to be purple. Viola! Purple potato salad. Dressed with lemon juice and olive oil. 

So these are the pictures I chose because they illustrate something whether thought out, or accidentally; ending up out of the box. 

What else can be said to be "Out of the Box?"


  1. Great post, Beti!! I like purple potatoes - they look great in salad!!
    Happy Saturday :)

  2. I'm sure we have blue birds here but I haven't seen them,.. I've never had a purple potato they look pretty! I have a cedar tree growing on my 57 year old ornamental crab! Your leafy stump looks like lettuce but I'm sure it's not! Just a fresh shade of green!

  3. Perfect!! Great photos, too!! Love the thoughts here today for this week's prompt and the potato salad sounds fabulous!

  4. Purple Potatoes? That's really outside the box. Do they taste like regular potatoes? Great out of the box photos!

  5. I agree - thinking outside the box usually means some kind of an excruciating company think tank session but your approach to thinking outside the box is very refreshing. And that purple potato salad is just gorgeous. Have never had purple potatoes. Ditto on Alice's question about the taste.