Friday, August 29, 2014

Focus on Life: Outside - Lazy days of summer.

Where are all the lazy ones? 

Our prompt for today's Focus on Life theme is Lazy Days of Summer.

Only, I had some trouble finding anyone being lazy recently. Busy, busy busy. We have even had some cooler than normal weather lately. 

So, here are my submissions. 

Shots that, I hope, make us take a lazy second look.


  1. Great photos! Are the flowers bindweed? Any pic of water and shadow speaks of summer to me :)

  2. Beautiful! I love the lazy river.

  3. What wonderful pictures! Love the lazy river.

  4. Really lovely photos. Love how you can see the pebbles through the water's surface.

  5. I love the soft pink color of the flowers and the reflection of the blue sky in the water. Definitely makes you want to slow down for a bit.

  6. Oh, both of these are great and I love the reflection in the water. I really like the first one because it reminds me of laying in a hammock and just looking up at the trees and flowers!!