Friday, February 6, 2015

Ordinary Exaordinary Everyday

A Five-Photo-Challenge!

Sally Russick is at it again. She is hosting a photo challenge, with a twist. We are to take five photos, responding to five word prompts; one each for five days. The idea is to take the photos responding to whatever the prompt says to you. Go with the flow. Then we do it all over again. 

So here are the first five: 

1. Reflection

2. Wrapping

3. Kitchen Ritual

4. Paper

5. Repetitive Pattern

I'm going to try to go with a minimum of words here... wish me luck!

1. Reflection - Cast aluminum plane. 

2. Wrap- I am Babushka Lady

3. Kitchen Ritual - Chopping Onions

4. Papers - All Day Training

5. Hounds Tooth Check Scarf

"Check" out some more photos.


  1. I love the photo of you, you have such a wonderful smile and the doodles all over the paper are very cool!

  2. Great shots! I love your Babushka style, and that chopping onion photo is fascinating!

    1. That photo is of my daughter's hands! No sharp knife selfies for me!

  3. Hi Beti,
    Love the photos, you are so cute wrapped up in your scarf, you have a great sense of humor. It must have been a boring training session, but I love the doodles.

  4. Hi Beti, How great to see your smiling face in a return for this blog event. Love your photo choices and agree with Karin that the copping onions one is really good.

  5. I am always delighted to see your smiling face in one of your posts. All these photos are fantastic and perfect for the photo prompts! Can't wait to see what the future prompts bring!!

  6. Look at your beautiful face, it's so wonderful to see again!! Beti, I love how you interpreted each prompt especially your doodles are great and a great way to get through training sessions!

  7. Great shots Beti, and I love your "training sessions" paperwork....I can tell you learned a lot! And the picture of yourself, great shot, I love the scarf you have wrapped around yourself!

  8. Betty, I love your doodles on your training handout. Great job. Sylvia

  9. What a great self portrait! I must say, I don't envy your kitchen ritual (I am not a fan of onions). ;) The doodles on your all day training pages is a riot, we've all had days like that! I enjoyed seeing a visual journey of your week, thanks for sharing.

  10. Great shots. I love the self portrait and the reflection photos.