Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Ordinary, Extraordinary, Everyday. Days 6-10

More challenging challenges!

Sally Russick's Challenge continues. This list of prompts covers days 6-10, and presented me with more need for thought. 

6. Minimal
7. Daily Chaos
8. Words
9. Night Time Calm
10. Outside

My biggest problem? Trying to photograph the Daily Chaos. We had a snowstorm, so everyone kind of stayed in place...not much chaos. So, here's what I came up with:

6. Minimal. Who needs more than one cardinal? 

7. Daily Chaos. Parking in weird places to keep out of the way of the plow. 

8. Words. Binge watching Orphan Black.

9. Night Time Calm. 

10. Outside. How cool is this to find an Outside Valentine.

Have a look at some more five day wonders.


  1. Oh my, Beti - I adore your cardinal photo. There is nothing so magnificent as that striking red. We see them pretty regularly here in Arizona and they are always a source of delight to me - like a lovely surprise on wings! And your valentine in the snow is just perfect for this week!

  2. Hi Beti,
    Love the red Cardinal in a gray and white back ground. I am so glad I live in the Southeastern part of the United States I do not have the snow to worry about. Love the twisted vines in the heart shape created by Mother Nature. Word shot is pretty cool and so it the night time calm.

  3. Your cardinal photo is amazing as is the outside Valentine. Great shots!

  4. Wow Beti!! You really knocked in out of the park this week! The cardinal photo is a perfect example of minimal, fantastic!!! And what a great found heart in your outside photo. Really great job this week Beti!!!

  5. Wow, that cardinal photo is just amazing. I love them all, and that heart for the outside picture is perfect!

  6. I LOVE the cardinal shot, oh my it's beautiful and I really like your photo for words very creative!

  7. The cardinal shot is fantastic!
    I actual could read all the Russian words - brought back memories of DLI.
    Love, love, love the outside shot!

  8. Beti, Love the cardinal! That and the heart are my favorites. Sylvia