Monday, February 16, 2015

Ordinary. Extraordinary. Everyday. Last Five Days!

Valentine's week edition. 

Sally Russick gave us a gift this month...fifteen days of photography prompts. The nice thing about Sally's photo challenges...they take a bit of thought as well as just choosing a nice picture. 

Here are our last five prompts:

11. Macro
12. Temptation
13. Sweetness
14. Love
15. Togetherness

11. Tiny signs of spring (okay, they're in a flowerpot in my kitchen....)

12. These little treats are kitty crack. Very tempting to our three cats.

13. Fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.

14. Themed Valentine's Presents: Spicy food and a Sweet movie.

15. Jim and Bebop, two of my favorites, Together!

Lots of love Folks!


  1. Beti, You are too clever using the Temptations kitty treats for your Day 12 photo. And you are right about them being kitty crack. Except one of my two kitties doesn't seem to go for them but the other one makes up for it. Also love your macro choice to feature the green shoots of Spring.

  2. Beti, the temptation photo is fantastic and it is so nice to see signs of spring even if it is inside the house. Jim and Bebop make for a lovely togetherness photo! Thank you so much for participating in the challenge!

  3. You took a collection of sweet and lovely photos to illustrate the last days of the challenge!

  4. wonderful photos Beti!!! You macro made me feel hopeful (even though my yard is buried in 70+ inches of snow....maybe it's time to do some indoor planting!) I also rather enjoyed your 'togetherness' photo!