Friday, October 18, 2013

Focus on life: All in a day

A fabulously ordinary day!

What did Sally Russick of The Studio Sublime send us this week to help stretch our picture taking muscles? "All in a day!" Take pictures documenting 24 hours. 

Got to admit, I'm only covering about 12 hours of  the Columbus Day holiday. 

But it was interesting trying to get a feel for my day in this way!

Morning Coffee, Facebook and organizing - guilty pleasure, Rachel Ray.  Wait, where did that kitty come from?

More organizing.....and a new home for tools.

Helping my daughter with her photo shoot.  

Harvest! The planters are just for fun. 

Organizing jewelry - a beauty shot, some "almost done" projects, and some projects using altered components. 

Dinner, using stuff from the freezer, and a final cup - tea this time!

So, what would you choose to document? Let's see what the other Focus on Life participants did with this challenge. 


  1. Wow what a fun day Beti! You sure managed to capture some great chunks of time

  2. Your collages are wonderful. I'm with you, I was so done, could never had lasted 24 hours!

  3. I cheated I took random pictures all week... not focused enough to keep track of any one day! Your peppers look yummy and those little planters are cute!

  4. Beti, you are super busy and did a terrific job documenting your day. I love how you put different time segments into their own collages. And I must say your dinner looked really yum!

  5. oh I want to switch with your day! photo shoot, harvest and beads .... sounds like a pretty nice day!

  6. A fabulous day for you! I loved seeing the wonderful photos. I'm mostly interested in the one where you were helping your daughter on her own photo shoot. Your peppers look yummy! Thanks for sharing your day with us!

  7. You had an interesting day. A photo of a photo shoot is a great idea.Nice green pepper photos. I put green peppers in most things I cook. Your supper looks yummy. I had roast from one of our steers for my last meal. I like knowing what my beef ate.

  8. Busy day for certain! I love the kitty - he looks like he 'helps' out quite a lot! :-) And your stew (or soup) for dinner looks really yummy right now,.....

  9. Loving the panther - gorgeous! A day can certainly run away with one, can't it?

  10. Your's is great! I love all the collages, great job!