Saturday, October 26, 2013

6th Do Over Challenge Reveal!

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This is my second attempt to take a piece of jewelry sent by Jeannie Dukic, and change it into something more awesome than the original. That was tough this time, because I really liked the original.  Or, originals, as Jeannie sent along earrings and a memory wire bracelet.
The originals

Green fresh water pearls...the color shows better here. 
I thought the necklace and coordinating pieces were lovely. It reminded me of something you would make for a wedding. For the brides maids to wear with their pastel dresses and dyed-to-match shoes. So I took the design and tried to feature the pearls a little more, and the crystals a little less, and I changed the metal color from silver to copper, with a little help from some Beadalon Satin Copper Color beading wire, and Miyuki cube beads in a matte metallic khaki iris finish. I did not use the round silver spacer beads, so I had to take apart the bracelet to harvest the pearls.  

What do you think? 

This single strand necklace owes a lot to the original design.

I added a pair of earrings. 

Detail on the earrings. 

Now, I have to admit that last week, for this blog hop: Seed Bead and Metal Blog Hop,  I sneaked a few of the freshwater pearls to enhance my design. In a similar spirit, I used the bonus beads I received as part of that project in these earrings. 

What's this? The fresh Water Pearls show up here, too!

Here's a list of participants in the 6th Do Over Challenge! Hop on over and visit with Jeannie and the others, and see what they have made. 

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  1. I think your version is just perfect. So very wearable and somehow so comfortable looking.

  2. "Harvest the pearls," that made me laugh. I think the Do Over is much, much better than the original. I do agree the piece looked like something for a wedding. The earring you made are darling and coordinate beautifully with the necklace. I'm glad you were able to use some the pearls in your Metal Blog Hop.

  3. I love the color of those pearls... I could soo see myself wearing the single strand necklace.. love it.

  4. I love the combo of the copper and light green pearls. You did a great job of making them the focus- and your seed bead piece is pretty darn sweet! Nicely done- Christie

  5. You did good! I agree, the green of the pearls is better complemented by the warm tones of the square beads and you made it more wearable, too. Less dressy. But I like how you left some of the crystals to brighten it up.

  6. I think that the update did a lot to freshen up the design and make it perfect to wear with more outfits. Great job!

  7. I love that your "do-over" pieces are so absolutely wearable...they are so pretty! You started with some great beads, and did a wonderful job on the transformation.

  8. Nice solution and definitely updated!

  9. Beautiful, I like the cube beads between the pearls and crystals,

  10. Your shift toward copper was pure genius. Bravo.

  11. What lovely pieces - I use copper all the time, and it really warmed up the pearls and the whole design. Beautiful job! :)

  12. Very pretty...subtle, whimsy, laid back in a hammock type of day. Great job with the redo....and pearls.... they go with every design! Thanks for the post.