Friday, October 11, 2013

Focus on Life: Trying to Make a Connection

Finding Connections Everywhere.

The Focus on Life theme for the week was "Connections." Easy? Well, looking at practically anything can reveal practically infinite connections. 

"We all have, make and witness connections every day."  ~said Sally in her prompt.

I went back to the vaults for this one. Here are some examples of connections I found.....

Some connections yet to be made.

Full of connections, the bridge makes a connection too. 

Sally's connections are sorely stressed. 

Trace the connections.
Indoor webs are less organized but still connected!

Spider webs, and ultimate in classy connections. 

Thank you Sally Russick, for encouraging us to THINK!

Check here to see others work:


  1. Vault or not, great interpretation and some fantastic shots, especially the spider webs.

  2. love the webs as connections - great interpretation of connections! they are so cool when full of the morning dew; especially when the light shimmers on it

  3. Lovely web pictures. My husband wanted me to take a picture of all the tie downs on his sail boat which is now high and dry for the winter and has a spiders web of lines holding the tarp down. Poor Sally looks like she's seen better days! Do you still use her?

  4. Great photos to interpret the prompt - both manmade and nature-made :)

  5. See, you did a much better job than I did. I am just not a cerebral person. I think I've inhaled too much goat gas.

  6. You picked great connections photos. I would not have thought of spider webs for connections but they are very interesting. I have a pic of a spider web covered with frost.

  7. Great pictures! I love the spiderwebs. I always see some when I go outside. Though I am careful not to run into any....which is hard in the country...but...Excellent post!

  8. Such great connections! Love the spider web pics - and that bridge, too. Not only does the bridge connect the land, but the people going to/from and the it's connected one beam to another - great post!!

  9. Indeed: why are the indoor webs so messy and unruly, compared to the outdoor ones, which are gracious and perfectly lined?!
    Love all the connections you found this week ~ you're right, we only need to look and we'll find one connection or another; we are all so interconnected on some level. Thank you for sharing!

  10. Great inspirations for connections, love the spider webs they are always interesting